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Media Training

The media represents a powerful conduit to get your organisation’s message out to a wide target audience. Cohn & Wolfe XPR offers comprehensive media training for specific issues, announcements and interviews, as well as overall skill development in media handling. At Cohn & Wolfe XPR, we offer comprehensive media training programs targeted at specific issues, announcements and interviews, as well as enhancement of overall skill development.

Cohn & Wolfe XPR’s media trainers are experienced specialists, having coached and worked closely with senior executives from a wide range of blue-chip organisations such as Intel, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Oracle, Autodesk, Palm, Philips, Brainlab, Tata Consultancy Services, just to name a few.

Our media training program is designed to teach special techniques to increase the odds of getting great coverage from every media interview. It teaches participants how to stay in control at media interviews as well as communicate key messages with impact, so as to better protect and enhance the reputation of the organization in every media situation. Unlike the broadcast orientation of most media training programs, XPR’s modules are developed to cover the print, newswire, radio as well as broadcast medium.

XPR’s full/half day training program covers a wide spectrum of useful topics which include relevant background information on the media landscape, interview techniques and role-playing in a variety of interview situations. Each program will include a combination of the following as appropriate for the size and nature of the group:
Media Insight

An overview of media motives, agendas and operations in both print and broadcast realns to help spokesperons better anticipate questions and prepare for interview situations in their local markets.

Interview Preparation

A comprehensive preparation process for getting the edge before the interview even starts. Knowing the angle, knowing the reporter, asking the right questions, and exercising a “bill of rights” are all ways to gain control.


Coaching on “blocking”, “bridging” and “framing” methods to skillfully handle and respond to even tough interview questions, as well as training in “building inverted pyramids” to help deliver positive messages in the most effective and impactful manner.


Familiarization with the do’s and don’ts of handling print, TV and radio interviews - from what to wear to when to stop talking. Module also covers journalist tricks, how to identify them, and avoid common pitfalls during media interviews.


Mock interviews are conducted in customized media scenarios, for example one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews, media interaction in a press conference setting, etc. Each simulation will be captured on tape and reviewed during the session for immediate feedback and learning.

cohn & wolfe xpr trainings

XPR’s trainers have consistently received very positive feedback on our media training programs from past participants due to the trainers’ in depth understanding of the industry and media landscape. Some of the participants who have benefitted from our programs have this to say about their sessions.

"Great session! Precise and to the point!"
Mr. George Wong, Managing Director, ASEAN, BEA Software
"Combination of theory and mock interviews worked perfectly!"
Mr. Yves DeHouck, Sales Executive Director, Autodesk
"The course helped me improve my interview techniques."
Mr. Sumvadee, Country Manager - Thailand, Autodesk
"The trainers handled the sessions superbly!"
Dr Ivan Ng, Senior Consultant & Head, National Neuroscience Institute
"It was a good learning experience"
Mr. R. Ravishankar, Country Manager, TCS Singapore