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A Cohn & Wolfe white paper: transparency and authenticity

26th Nov 2012

Whilst transparency may seem to many in business as a new buzzword, bandied about in an age of instant access to information – and the instant ability to share said information and your opinion on it – the concept has much deeper roots. The fundamental definition of transparency, ‘free from guile’, is a maxim most would like to be able to make about themselves. However, shining a light over everything you do can be both a powerful weapon and an explosive threat for those in business and communications.

In this white paper, Cohn & Wolfe unveils new consumer research into the role of transparency in business today, and through insights from our panel of experts, we explore the true importance of being transparent, what it looks like from an external perspective, and how a more transparent and authentic business landscape will look in the future.

Read Full Article: Transparency and Authenticity - a Cohn & Wolfe white paper.pdf