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Digital: Do it right or don't do it at all

1st May 2012

If you think just BEING on Facebook is going to make a difference for your brand, then you’ve already lost the social media race to become head honcho. Now that every brand, brand spokesperson, brand ambassador and brand logo has their own Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare and half a million other social media accounts, it’s more important than ever to take the time to make a digital plan that is specific to your online goals. Bryce Keane, a Digital Strategist at Cohn & Wolfe London, explores what moves a digital campaign from forgettable to noteworthy and why getting to the bottom of your social media goals makes all the difference.

IF you're reading this paper I'm going to make two assumptions. First that you understand business and second that, at some point, you've had someone approach you in a panic saying that you must be on social media or your entire business will collapse.

The truth is, smart businesses have long since surpassed the novelty period of simply being on social media and, more importantly, so have consumers. We are now in an age of social media fatigue and this is precisely because for too long many businesses have been convinced that by simply being on a certain platform they have already won the race.

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