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Fighting the 'will of the web'

24th May 2012

With the rise of social media, so came the rise of the over-shared opinion. And more often than not, opinions online are merely quick judgments of much more complicated and in-depth issues. This is especially true when talking about public policy and government issues. Andrew Escott, leader of Cohn & Wolfe’s Political Counsel, talks about the importance of separating opinions from evidence, and only relying on the latter to form government policy.

Read an excerpt of Andrew’s op-ed for PRWeek UK below for more insight into this issue.

How quickly have you offered judgement on Twitter? Earlier this year I got excited about the use of bus lanes in London by a minicab firm despite not using a bike, buses, or even the minicab firm in question. As a professional cynic I had just been sucked into the Something Must Be done (SMBD) lobby. Those responsible for managing this transport aberration are now likely to be intensely scrutinised while the accuracy of the ‘facts’ put forward by the ‘SMBDers’ is much less important.

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