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Proving Value in Uncertain Times

19th Jan 2012

Let’s face it: the economy isn’t exactly in the best shape of its life right now. With a million articles on how to deal with the current economic situation coming out every day, it’s easy for people, or whole industries, to get lost in the information shuffle. In an effort to clear the advice-strewn air, Jeff Smith, Cohn & Wolfe’s Managing Director of Healthcare, observes the potential of applying economic investment strategy to the pharma industry’s marketing tactics. Read a clip below of Jeff’s op-ed in the January edition of Pharmaceutical Marketing Europe to learn more about his unique solution for pharma’s current challenge.

In A Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse, the authors suggest an over-arching goal for successful investment in a depressed economy as an ‘ability to see opportunity where others see peril’. Perhaps the same charge could be a filling challenge for pharma as the market for pharmaceuticals is potentially more perilous than ever. […] To survive, companies need to accept that payers are now in many instances the real standard bearers for product or service uptake. This requires improved organisational alignment around the notion of real world value, and where possible, commitment to change the nature of direct payer engagement.

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